When I was a teenager, the thought of becoming a writer thrilled me, I went out and bought some paper and lots of pencils, this is before the days of computers and smartphones.
So I lay the paper in front of me, picked up one of the pencils and sat looking at the empty white sheet of paper, 5, 10, 15 minutes later the paper was still blank.
A brainwave hit me.... coffee was needed, lots of it, and after a few days the paper was still blank, hence why I went on to work with computers.
I am still an IT Consultant with over 18 years’ experience, currently living in Athens, Greece.
Still I Love to write (well, type) and tell stories, I have written many blogs over the years on various topics and interests.
My interests are varied, cooking, eating good food and drinking a nice glass of wine with the meal, Travelling and getting to know the many different cultures, places, foods, people, languages, though I am not a polyglot by any means.
Reading is my way of escaping the harshness of life, giving me a welcome break from technology, escaping into another world, and away reality for a short while.
Ah, Let’s not forget the most important drink of the day “coffee”, As Garfield says “don’t speak to me until I’ve had my second cup of coffee”.

This blog of mine isn't about anything in-particular, it is a miss match of technology, random thoughts and maybe even a recipe or two.

Your feedback is always welcome, please use the contact form or leave comments on the posts.